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Registered Dietitian
Heal your body without calorie
counting, excessive fitness and drugs
Heal your body without calorie counting, excessive fitness and drugs
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My approach

My name is Katerina Varnum. I am not a typical Registered Dietitian. I am also a detective to find the root causes of your problem. And I am a navigator to lead you to your goal quickly and with comfort.

I don’t follow dogma.I solve problems of insulin resistance, prediabetes, type 2 diabetes and excess weight through microbiome, nutrition and habits.I practice a holistic approach. It means I see you as a whole person and not as some attachment to the gut. While many treat symptoms, I work on the causes.

I explain how to heal your body without  calorie counting, excessive fitness and drugs.


I specialize in

Insulin Resistance

Insulin resistance is usually not tested in the US (you have to specifically ask for this test). Too bad, because its results could pre-warn you that you are heading in a dangerous direction. In Europe, people are tested for insulin resistance; however, the follow-on advice is usually too generic to be of any applicable use.



Prediabetes is a strange diagnosis. As one doctor put it, it’s like saying you’re a little pregnant. Here, either you are pregnant or you are not pregnant.


Type 2 diabetes

A woman that has had diabetes for 10 years came to me.Despite medication and a low-carb diet, her A1C was 9.5. Fasting sugar was around 9 (163). After eating, the sugar level was between 8.5 (153) and 15 (270). On the third week of our work, we saw our first sign that we were moving in the right direction.



“Officially, I have had diabetes since 2010. But after a medical surgery in 2001, I was prescribed hormones and I gained 30 kg. Now I understand that this was the beginning of diabetes, but no one came to help. All 10 years I struggled with weight, because with a height of 5’.0” (152 cm), my weight was 98.8 kg (218lb). My sugar levels were 12-14 (216-252) in the morning, and in the evening, it rose up to 24 (432).

The first result is that in three weeks, the indigestion that tormented me continuously for 10 years disappeared. I was shocked how nutrition brings order to the body. The second result is weight loss. Now my weight is 82.5 kg(181 lb). But the third result is generally a bomb … my sugar dropped! Now I have from 4.3-6.2 (77-111) in the morning. And in the evening, no more than 8.2 (147) …. This is a gorgeous result.

And there is also a FOURTH result – I injected insulin in the morning with 32 units. In the evening- 17 units and Glucophage 1000 three times a day.

And now, thanks to my sunshine Katerina Varnum, I do not take pills and have reduced my insulin by 17 units. This is the result of work over 3.5 months. Work continues. Taking vitamins, I follow the recommendations without question. If something is not clear Katya explains it very well. She pays a lot of attention. I really hope for new results. My dream is to rid myself of insulin.”

Nina K.

“I want to say thank you so much for your work and work on my health, and also because of the patience that you showed towards me. But all is not in vain. Initial analysis I sent you on home measurements and nutrition, which you adjusted and the advice on what and how to do it. My sugar in the morning is 5.2 -5.8 (93-104). During the day it is 4.7 -5(84-90). I learned to drink plenty of water. In two months, I lost 1.5 kg (over 3 lb) for me it is ❤. Thank you very much.”

Irina B.

“Katya really works wonders!! Her correct approach to treatment is remarkable, throughout the treatment, Katyusha is always there and answers all of my questions. I have Type 2 diabetes. With the help of Katya, she reduced my sugar from 7 to 5 (from 126 to 90) and I lost weight.

Thank you very much Katyusha for your work❤❤”

Irina L.

Before working with Katerina, I had fasting glucose -7 (126), insulin-29, cholesterol 8. After  two weeks of using the proposed diet plan and adherence to the water regime, my fasting  glucose became 5.4 (97), insulin 23, cholesterol 6.8.

At the same time, physical activity was moderate. The food is varied, plentiful. You do not need to starve, just love yourself and prepare meals. Katerina devotes a lot of time to her work. She is attentive, versatile, knowledgeable, a very interesting person.  She knows all modern, new research. I am very grateful that I met her. Now I know that my life will change and my health will be normal. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Nelya B.

I want to thank you so much for your work and what you are doing for us. I am so glad that I met you!!! When I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, I thought that I would have to take Metformin for the rest of my life (no one suggested another option), but after talking with you, I realized that everything depends on me and my diet!!

Thanks to you, I learned a lot of useful information, learned about a lot of products that I had never even heard of, and many new tasty and healthy recipes!! And most importantly, without taking Metformin since March, my fasting sugar dropped from 9 (162) to 6.6 (119), after eating my sugar decreased from 11.9 (214) to 7 (126). I know that this is not perfect and I still need to reduce my fasting sugar more, but now, thanks to you, I know how to do it!!!

Thank you again for your  work and your care!!!!!! Your Marina

Marina M.

Nutrition and fitness make magic. In 2 months Katerina’s support combined with exercise helped me to lose 20 pounds. My fasting insulin went down from 42.2 to 24.8. My glucose decreased from 6.51 to 5.78. The work is still in progress. Thank you for your help and results ❤.

Irina K.

Hello! I couldn’t resist. This is for girls who want to get pregnant. Sign up for coaching with Katerina. Maybe my experience will encourage you. I have a long history of insulin resistance, excess weight, hypothyroidism, and 8 years of waiting for pregnancy (I’m 44). Now I’m already 35 weeks pregnant, according to the results of the glucose tolerance test – ideal sugar levels. The endocrinologist has no questions. Pregnancy occurred 7 months after coaching.

Natalya G

The results of our work together are very inspiring:
-fasting glucose up to a maximum of 6 mmol (108)
-after meals stable 6.5 -6.8 mmol (117-122.4)
-glycated hemoglobin decreased from almost 11 to 5.4
-cholesterol (without pills and supplements) and atherogenic index were normalized
-liver function indicators normalized
-lost 40 kg/88 lb (started with a weight of 155 kg/342 lb, my weight today is 115 kg/253 lb)
– changed clothing size from 68-70 to 58-60
– no more sleepiness during the day
– blood pressure normalized from 170/95 to 120/80 and remained at this level for more than 6 months without pills
– after a two-year break, menstrual cycle resumed and normalized
– apnea attacks disappeared and sleep became good
– Pain and discomfort in the right side went away
– vision has improved, no more fog in front of the eyes
– more energy – I can walk! (rather than stopping every 10 meters and pretending to be talking on the phone)
– swelling in the feet went away
– the skin no longer flakes and itches
Now I can admit that at the very beginning of our work together, I never thought I would achieve so much because I don’t have willpower, and I won’t be able to refuse food (as the only my joy in life)… But it turned out that willpower is not needed. Thanks to your explanations and gradual approach, everything falls into place, and improvements motivate me to act further. As for food, my tastes have changed (I wouldn’t have believed it myself before 😘), and there were so many delicious and healthy recipes that I still haven’t had time to try until today!!! I don’t even know how this is and is it possible to describe all this in words? Thank you!!!

Alina K.

I have type 2 diabetes, but my blood glucose rose higher and higher despite Metformin. When the doctor saw my a1c 10.3 and fasting sugar 334 (18.6), he said it was time to inject insulin. I went to another endocrinologist whom my friends highly recommended. He suggested that I take glipizide and said that diabetes is a progressive disease and I need to come to terms with it. I refused to take the medication because I had heard about the side effects and began to look for other options. I saw Katerina Varnum’s blog and retained her as a counselor. As a result, after six months of working together, my fasting sugar dropped from 334 (18.6) to 109 (6.0)! Glycated hemoglobin (A1C) decreased from 10.20 to 6.2. Liver and kidney parameters became normal. My endocrinologist was shocked. He couldn’t believe that I was able to lower my sugar levels so much without medication!

Elena V

Today I had my first ultrasound. I am pregnant!!!! Thank you for being involved in this!!!! (PCOS)


Katerina, many thanks to you for your work, and for your approach to helping people. Now I have very good sugar levels after meals (I sent you photos) while before, my blood glucose was 12-14 (216-252).

When I first saw a fasting sugar of 5.5 (100), my joy knew no bounds, because before my fasting sugar was always more than 7.8 (140).

The impossible is possible! I don’t take any diabetes pills, not even metformin. I eat my favorite fruits. Many of your recommendations have become new habits for me, a daily routine. I was very struck by your words that lowering sugar with pills is not a treatment for diabetes. Sugar levels drop, but the causes remain. This really resonated with me. Before my eyes is the example of my friend.  20 years ago, we were diagnosed with diabetes almost simultaneously. She strictly followed all the doctor’s recommendations, she strived for normal sugar levels at any cost. She took all the recommended drugs and followed all recommendations on the diet, but ten years later: blindness, with hemodialysis three times a week, and still she lost her toes. It was a shock for me!

I was afraid to take pills, almost all of them stimulated the pancreas to produce insulin, I only took metformin. I was constantly in search for the means not just to reduce sugar, but to restore the entire body. Finally, I met you on my search. Once again, many thanks to you for your sensitivity and attention, for the constant calls that helped me to stay on the course, for your support, and confidence in success!

Lyubov B.

I don’t believe myself every time I step on the scale! And the glucometer readings are encouraging!!! In terms of how I felt, it turns out that I just didn’t even understand how bad I was. After all, I didn’t even have anything to compare it with then… My family supports me. At first, my relatives, especially my mother, did not understand how it was to eat so much and varied, and, at the same time, lose weight and get healthier! My wardrobe is now almost empty, but I’m not in a hurry to buy clothes yet, because I have PLANS! (And before my wardrobe was filled with things that were too small for me and lay there until the time “what if I lose weight.” One day I tried on them and they ALL turned out to be too big for me). There are only compliments from the employees (this is in a female team!). A couple of times they didn’t even recognize me from behind 😄Thank you so much, Katerina!!! Despite the difficult circumstances, it was only thanks to your knowledge and support that I reached these figures. Thank you

Alena M

I would like to thank you again, Katerina, for your help! I came with the problem of excess weight and lack of a regular menstrual cycle (PCOS), both problems were long-term. I’ve tried a lot over the years: diets, meals by the hour, interval meals, meals prescribed and compiled by a trainer, split meals, no carbohydrates, and much more.

Nothing worked, my weight would stay the same or would actually increase even more. By the time I came to Кaterina, I was looking for an intelligent nutrition specialist.

For the first time, I felt real results only while working with Katerina, without regressing. The weight I came with in May 2022 was 103.4 kg (228 lb), my current weight in February 2023 is 86 kg (190 lb).  I still follow Katerina’s recommendations.

My menstrual cycle was also restored, without medications and hormones.  I changed my diet and take dietary supplements as recommended. Over the 2 months of working directly with Katerina, I learned to listen and hear, discipline, and yes, in some issues I had a lot of resistance 😅, so I thank Katerina for her patience. I really liked Katerina’s approach in that she can explain everything in simple language and back up her words with real research. Her metaphor of bus passengers – fats, proteins and carbohydrates – still helps me. Thank you for your work ❤

Iryna L.

Over the 44 years of my life, I have tried a dozen diets for weight loss! I always got results during diets, but after the diet, the weight grew again! My sedentary lifestyle is also to blame. As a result, I became obese and had type 2 diabetes.

By the time I met Katerina, I had been a diabetic for almost 9 years. In the initial stages of diabetes, I followed the doctors’ recommendations, but my sugar kept rising! As a result, I started following a low carb diet! At first the result was not bad, but the morning sugar was still 8 (144). I lost 24kg/53lb. But the sugar continued to rise! After suffering from coronavirus, my blood glucose generally remained around 14 (252).

I had edema, hypertension, tachycardia, capillaries burst… I have been looking for modern treatment methods all this time! I refused insulin, which was recommended to me by doctors. I started walking and swimming in the pool a lot! But sugar did not drop below 11 (198).

On the Internet, I constantly read articles about how diabetics are the result of a damaged microbiome and the need to restore it! But there was no information on how exactly to do this! Until my search for a specialist has finally been successful! I met Katerina Varnum! At that time, I no longer believed in diets, but I decided to trust her experience! It was the best decision of my life!

Of course, there were difficulties, but I believe that everyone who has faced diabetes can take their health into their own hands! We just need to change generally accepted standards and stereotypes! Katerina always supported me in this! When my glucose meter showed 4 (72) in the morning on an empty stomach, I was very happy! By that time, the swelling stopped, the tachycardia went away, my blood pressure normalized, and I began to feel better! And most importantly, no feeling of hunger! Moreover, my muscles began to grow. Yes, for now, sometimes the sugar is a little higher than normal, but I believe that a little more time will pass and everything will return to normal! The main thing is to trust and change your life! I am grateful and wish Katerina success in her science research!

Marina B.




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