Me. The beginning

My Dad and Grandma had Type 2 diabetes. I saw how helpless the standard approach they received was.  I saw their pain, confusion, quick deterioration of their health and their early death.

I received my major in Medical Dietetics and interned at 3 medical hospitals in the Midwest after which I became a Registered Dietitian.I learned that  it takes about 17 years for the insights from research to be implemented into clinical practice. That means that the majority of providers tend to use almost 20-year-old outdated information.
I decided to independently study results from the latest research in the field of insulin resistance and diabetes.
Thus, while many still recommend Metformin, low carb or extreme keto diets as a means to decrease sugar, I know at least 10 natural and effective ways to decrease insulin resistance and high blood sugar.

I use proven methods backed by published research. Much of which has yet to reach mainstream medical applications for use by the general public. These methods give excellent results without the use of drugs.

Обо мне. С чего все началось

У моего папы и бабушки был диабет 2 типа. Я видела их потерянность в потоке противоречивой информации. Я видела бесполезность стандартного подхода, при котором их болезнь стремительно прогрессировала. Прогрессировала несмотря на их старания и растущую кучу лекарств! Я рано узнала боль, когда уходят из жизни те, кого ты любишь. Я  отдала бы все что угодно чтобы у них все пошло по-другому….

Получив в США образование диетолога, пройдя стажировку в трех американских госпиталях, я получила бесценный опыт и узнала больше о медицинской системе изнутри.  В наше время требуется лет 17, чтобы информация от выявленная в ходе исследований внедрилась в клиническую практику. Это значит, что многие работают на информации прошлого века.
Поняв, что можно рассчитывать только на свои силы и полученные знания, я решила самостоятельно изучать результаты последних исследований на тему диабета и инсулинорезистентности.
Теперь, когда у многих в арсенале борьбы с повышенным сахаром есть только
Метформин, лекарства, экстремальное кето и низкоуглеводная диета, у меня есть как минимум 10 натуральных и эффективных способов как снизить инсулинорезистентность и сахар в крови.  

Проверенные исследованиями методы дают прекрасные результаты без приема лекарств. Это методы, о которых многие узнают или прочитают в лучшем случае лет через 10.

Contact me

If you don't want to spend 17 years waiting for answers;
If you are disappointed with the standard approach;
If you are confused reading contradicting information;
If you are tired of useless advice, diets and medications;

10 facts about me

I am from Belarus. Currently I live in California but I feel like a citizen of the world.
I love traveling and  solving client’s puzzles to find the real roots of their problem.
My first bachelor degree is in Special Education. After moving to the USA, I got my second bachelor degree in Medical Dietetics.
I don’t follow dogmas. I prefer to read serious research by myself, without any middlemen to interpret it.
I am a Registered Dietitian (RDN). I completed my internships at Mayo Clinic Health System, Gundersen Lutheran Medical Center and Winona Health Hospital.
I utilize pro holistic approaches to dietetics. The Human being is not a collection of parts. We are complicated organisms where everything is interconnected. We need to address every factor for long term success.
I like to enjoy the savory flavors of life and food.
I have 1 husband, 2 naughty kids, and 2 chatterbox parrots.
I grow flowers in the desert and help growing beautiful healthy microbiomes in people.
My favorite TV shows are House and Sherlock Holmes with Benedict Cumberbatch. I love British and French movies.

My approach

Typically, in the medical community new ideas generated from research take approximately 17 years to reach general clinical practice and broad medical acceptance. That means that advice is often based on older outdated information.

I regularly go through the newest international research in the fields of insulin resistance and treatment of Type 2 diabetes. Thus, I find and use in my practice methods that many people might only learn about many years later.

Every symptom has a cause. While others treat symptoms, I look for causes. In order to improve symptoms over the long term we HAVE TO address the causes. Otherwise, you will keep repeating old mistakes and getting the same old problems back again. My clients don’t count calories and don’t exercise excessively. Play smarter, not harder!  I believe that life should bring the joy. Why make life more difficult if you just play smarter and still get awesome results?

If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. But if you give him a fishing rod, you feed him for a lifetime. I believe in giving a person independence by explaining how to eat great every day (even if your dietitian is not around).

Don’t hire me

If you believe in a magic pill
Magic pills are a myth created as a legal way to get money from people.
If you enjoy suffering
I can help reaching the goal only for those folks who want to get help to reach their goal.
If you think just talking with a dietitian will magically solve the problem.
Nope. Talking is not equal to doing! Yes, I help you reach your goals faster; however, I can’t reach your goals for you. I am your GPS. I show you the direction and the road to reach your goals, but you are the one who must get in the car and start driving!
If you think that it is ok to save money on your own health and not invest in your well-being.
The cost of medication increases all the time and most drugs have serious side effects. How much does the loss of a leg, vision or kidney cost? How much does it cost to recover from a heart attack or stroke?