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Heal your body without calorie
counting, excessive fitness and drugs
Heal your body without calorie counting, excessive fitness and drugs
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My approach

My name is Katerina Varnum. I am not a typical Registered Dietitian. I am also a detective to find the root causes of your problem. And I am a navigator to lead you to your goal quickly and with comfort.

I don’t follow dogma.I solve problems of insulin resistance, prediabetes, type 2 diabetes and excess weight through microbiome, nutrition and habits.I practice a holistic approach. It means I see you as a whole person and not as some attachment to the gut. While many treat symptoms, I work on the causes.

I explain how to heal your body without  calorie counting, excessive fitness and drugs.


I specialize in

Insulin Resistance

Insulin resistance is usually not tested in the US (you have to specifically ask for this test). Too bad, because its results could pre-warn you that you are heading in a dangerous direction. In Europe, people are tested for insulin resistance; however, the follow-on advice is usually too generic to be of any applicable use.



Prediabetes is a strange diagnosis. As one doctor put it, it’s like saying you’re a little pregnant. Here, either you are pregnant or you are not pregnant.


Type 2 diabetes

A woman that has had diabetes for 10 years came to me.Despite medication and a low-carb diet, her A1C was 9.5. Fasting sugar was around 9 (163). After eating, the sugar level was between 8.5 (153) and 15 (270). On the third week of our work, we saw our first sign that we were moving in the right direction.



“Officially, I have had diabetes since 2010. But after a medical surgery in 2001, I was prescribed hormones and I gained 30 kg. Now I understand that this was the beginning of diabetes, but no one came to help. All 10 years I struggled with weight, because with a height of 5’.0” (152 cm), my weight was 98.8 kg (218lb). My sugar levels were 12-14 (216-252) in the morning, and in the evening, it rose up to 24 (432).

The first result is that in three weeks, the indigestion that tormented me continuously for 10 years disappeared. I was shocked how nutrition brings order to the body. The second result is weight loss. Now my weight is 82.5 kg(181 lb). But the third result is generally a bomb … my sugar dropped! Now I have from 4.3-6.2 (77-111) in the morning. And in the evening, no more than 8.2 (147) …. This is a gorgeous result.

And there is also a FOURTH result – I injected insulin in the morning with 32 units. In the evening- 17 units and Glucophage 1000 three times a day.

And now, thanks to my sunshine Katerina Varnum, I do not take pills and have reduced my insulin by 17 units. This is the result of work over 3.5 months. Work continues. Taking vitamins, I follow the recommendations without question. If something is not clear Katya explains it very well. She pays a lot of attention. I really hope for new results. My dream is to rid myself of insulin.”

Nina K.

“I want to say thank you so much for your work and work on my health, and also because of the patience that you showed towards me. But all is not in vain. Initial analysis I sent you on home measurements and nutrition, which you adjusted and the advice on what and how to do it. My sugar in the morning is 5.2 -5.8 (93-104). During the day it is 4.7 -5(84-90). I learned to drink plenty of water. In two months, I lost 1.5 kg (over 3 lb) for me it is ?. Thank you very much.”

Irina B.

“Katya really works wonders!! Her correct approach to treatment is remarkable, throughout the treatment, Katyusha is always there and answers all of my questions. I have Type 2 diabetes. With the help of Katya, she reduced my sugar from 7 to 5 (from 126 to 90) and I lost weight.

Thank you very much Katyusha for your work❤❤”

Irina L.

Before working with Katerina, I had fasting glucose -7 (126), insulin-29, cholesterol 8. After  two weeks of using the proposed diet plan and adherence to the water regime, my fasting  glucose became 5.4 (97), insulin 23, cholesterol 6.8.

At the same time, physical activity was moderate. The food is varied, plentiful. You do not need to starve, just love yourself and prepare meals. Katerina devotes a lot of time to her work. She is attentive, versatile, knowledgeable, a very interesting person.  She knows all modern, new research. I am very grateful that I met her. Now I know that my life will change and my health will be normal. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Nelya B.

I want to thank you so much for your work and what you are doing for us. I am so glad that I met you!!! When I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, I thought that I would have to take Metformin for the rest of my life (no one suggested another option), but after talking with you, I realized that everything depends on me and my diet!!

Thanks to you, I learned a lot of useful information, learned about a lot of products that I had never even heard of, and many new tasty and healthy recipes!! And most importantly, without taking Metformin since March, my fasting sugar dropped from 9 (162) to 6.6 (119), after eating my sugar decreased from 11.9 (214) to 7 (126). I know that this is not perfect and I still need to reduce my fasting sugar more, but now, thanks to you, I know how to do it!!!

Thank you again for your  work and your care!!!!!! Your Marina ?

Marina M.

Nutrition and fitness make magic. In 2 months Katerina’s support combined with exercise helped me to lose 20 pounds. My fasting insulin went down from 42.2 to 24.8. My glucose decreased from 6.51 to 5.78. The work is still in progress. Thank you for your help and results ❤.

Irina K.




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